Ben Willers Information & Data Graphic Design


January 2009 – December 2010

It's always satisfying when a bank statement shows you have more money moving into your account than leaving it each month, however I wanted to visualise this activity over a longer period to help me understand my ability to save in more detail. This chart represents two years of data showing my account balance at the end of each day assuming I started on the first day of January with £100. Sharp rises represent pay days and each fall back towards the x-axis shows that I have either spent money on a credit or debit card or made an ATM withdrawal. In both years I made a large withdrawal in the summer, this was to buy a car in 2009 and to pay my tuition fees a year later. I was earning more money in early 2010 however I also made some large purchases. Since enrolling on the MA I have taken a reduction in hours with my employer and so have found it impossible to save as much as I was able to in 2009. Green is associated with money internationally and the layout was chosen to resemble a city skyline which also has strong connotations with this subject.