Ben Willers Information & Data Graphic Design

Television Viewing

12th February – 11th March 2011

This chart is intended to give myself and others an insight into what I watch, when I watch and how I watch television. Over a four week period I kept a record of all the programmes I tuned into and scored each out of eight depending on how much attention I was paying at the time. I usually have the TV turned on while I work to provide background noise and I even go to sleep each night with it turned on, for these occasions I score my attention level with a low figure. If I actually make an effort to watch a program I will score it higher. As well as showing all this information in one graph I have split my viewing by week day and by channel to highlight patterns. I have also attempted to discover what channels I prefer by multiplying my attention level with the viewing time for each program. From this we can see that Channel 4 is my favourite, followed by BBC2 and BBC3 (yes, BBC3 was once a thing). The visual style is inspired by an oscilloscope and the typefaces and colours are a reference to the old Teletext system.