Ben Willers Information & Data Graphic Design

Weight Fluctuations

24th January – 17th April 2011

This visualisation uses a combination of data sets and is intended to show a link between the amount of food I eat, the amount of exercise I do and my resulting body weight. My weight is displayed in pounds and everything else is measured in calories. The number of calories used is subtracted from the number eaten on each day to discover if I ate too much or too little on that occasion. The obvious assumption is that eating more than is needed will result in an increase in body weight, and eating less will lead to a weight loss. By showing my resulting body weight laid directly on top of this data I can show how this theory works in reality. The two data sets do indeed react to movements within the other very closely. There is sometimes a delay of a few days for my body weight to react to my eating, possibly because body fat is not converted to energy instantly.